July 2014

BBQ on a Budget
Have fun in the backyard without breaking the bank! Learn how to make the most of your weekend and enjoy some great food too. Full Story                           


Summer Savings: Movies, Vacations, and More!
Summer is a time for exploration! See and experience new things without spending all that money you saved throughout the year. Full Story


How NOT to Ask for a Raise
Want to earn that extra little pocket money next year? Make sure you follow these tips so that you get that raise you deserve, without messing up your chances. Full Story...

Member Spotlight

Cheryl Cain -  USEA Member since 2009.

Aligning my loan payments to my pay days makes a huge difference. I don't feel the bills, which relieves stress. Personal finance is not an interest of mine. I have better things to do in my spare time. USEA does all the heavy lifting for me!

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Check out the current state of student debt in the United States. Then see what USEA can do for your student loans.

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